Travel with a Toyota Landcruiser through Botswana, Zimbabwe & South-Africa

Have you always wanted to travel around with a 4x4 throughout Botswana, Zimbabwe and the northern part of South-Africa? What’s holding you back? Come along with ZaZoe Xperience and discover the true beauty of southern Africa! Drive the Landcruiser yourself with an (Dutch) escort. Not only during the trip you’ll be escorted, but everything else is also taken care of! The Landcruiser will be awaiting your arrival in Johannesburg. We have booked the wonderful places where you’ll stay over for the night, the shopping is done and the route is known. The journey full of adventures can begin! All you need to take along are clothes, photo and/or filmcamera’s, a pocketknife, a flashlight and a piece of soap!

For who
This experience definitely is not for the faint hearted! We’re looking for relaxed people, who like to go offroad! Both literally and figuratively speaking! You’ll drive a lot yourself, plenty off-road, but with assistance close to you or even in the car. The emergency service will always be available. There’s a hands-on mentality: we cook together and everybody sets up their own tent, which only takes 5 minutes of your time! We’ll do the shopping ourselves and we travel along in a convoy (2 - 4 cars).

If needed, we’ll get eachother out of the sand or we’ll dig out the Landcruiser together. It’s giving us great subjects to talk about at the fire at the end of the day. With that said, we’ll have even more to talk about what we saw during the day! Think about all the game, birds and the beautiful landscapes we’ll see along the way!

This journey starts when we have a minimum of four people. If you don’t have four people to start the journey with: please send us a message and we’ll inform you about the possibilities. With 21 days of traveling, 4 people and 2 Toyota Landcruisers the rate will start from € 3,995 per person. 
There is also a route that could include the southern part of Zambia, depending on your wishes. 

For more information: please feel free to send us an e-mail! We will also send you a brochure with more information regarding the journey by e-mail. You can also take a look on our YouTube channel!




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